ESRI License Partners

Which Faculties and Administrative Units are ESRI License Partners?

As of September 2016 the following Faculties and Units are ESRI License Partners

  • Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (formerly Faculty of Environmental Studies)
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
  • Lassonde School of Engineering
  • York University Libraries (library staff and librarians only)

Which Faculties and Administrative Units are not ESRI License Partners?

As of September 2016, the following are not ESRI License Partners:

  • Faculty of Education
  • School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design
  • Glendon College
  • Faculty of Health
  • Osgoode Law School
  • Schulich School of Business
  • Faculty of Science
  • Organized Research Units
  • All Administrative Units and Departments

What is the benefit of being a ESRI License Partner at York University? 

Students, faculty, researchers and staff who are affiliated with an ESRI License Partner have access to full range of ESRI products and services including:

  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced 1-Year Licenses for students, staff, and/or faculty
  • ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Concurrent licenses for research computer labs and classroom computer labs
  • ArcGIS Online - Basic and Premium Features
  • ArcGIS Online for use in teaching and in courses
  • Access to ESRI Virtual Campus learning tools
  • Access to additional ESRI Software and products such as ArcGIS Server,  ArcGIS Pro for Desktop and extensions.

How much does it cost to become an ESRI License Partner?  Who do I contact to become a partner?

The annual cost of the subscription is shared amongst all consortium partners. To find out more information about the cost per year for your faculty, please contact for more information.